Zwillingkinder besser verstehen und fördern

In today’s third part we deal with Gemini children and the influence of their zodiac sign.

The twin child

The agility and curiosity that are at the core of the typical Gemini can be seen in your child very early on. Your little twin has a very sharp and alert mind. He wants to understand the world. For this reason, as a parent, you should stock up on encyclopedias, because your knowledge-hungry twin will ask you questions about all sorts of things, both possible and impossible. Take the time to answer your sweetheart’s questions in detail.

The fantasy world of the little twin

Twin children are pronounced bookworms, who stimulate their strongly developed imagination by reading a lot. The books should be appropriate to their age and, above all, should not contain exaggerated and crazy fantasy stories. Your child already has a sufficiently fertile imagination of its own, and sometimes reality and imagination blend seamlessly with it. Don’t be too harsh on him if he occasionally tells fluffy, over the top and richly embellished stories.

Get out into the open

Your twin child is absolutely no couch potato. It takes a lot of exercise in the fresh air. Sporting activities are certainly recommended, but not those that require a lot of stamina. The Gemini is very agile and has a quick mind, which is important to consider when choosing a sports club for your child!

At school, your little Gemini learns quickly and seemingly effortlessly, but as a typical representative of his zodiac sign, he also loses interest in something relatively quickly. Likewise, the ability to concentrate and profundity are not necessarily his forte.

A Gemini’s sense of time — tall or short — isn’t particularly well developed. Concepts of time become alien to him as soon as he becomes interested in a person or thing. It is certainly important to educate your little fidgety Philip to be punctual, but it is uncertain whether this will bear fruit.

Twin children are usually not the toughest when it comes to health. Especially their nervous tension should be channeled and reduced. Don’t let your offspring watch TV or read exciting books before bed. He should always get enough sleep and be able to enjoy a quiet and harmonious family life.

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